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DoubleStar LLC / Codebreaker

DoubleStar LLC


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This creative strategy game is irresistibly fun, but it also allows players to compete by expressing themselves in their own way. It is a new twist on the classic game of matching. In order to remember where pairs are located, players draw or write secret reminder codes on the back of the cards with dry-erase tiles included with the game. Players use their lifetime of memories (words, pictures, people's names, places) to create secret reminder codes. Crack your opponents' codes and use your own to locate characters to win the most points. Decide when to take a pair and when to hold out to get three pairs in a row, allowing you to swipe any pair from another player. Use special tokens at critical times during the game to give yourself an advantage by forcing another player to reveal a code. This clever game will develop your child's linguistic, critical thinking, creative and social skills. The game play requires innovation and creativity to stay one step ahead of other players.

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