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Soaring Star Productions, LLC / Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure

Soaring Star Productions, LLC

Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure

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This is the second production in an outstanding video series that will help teach your little one the sounds and letters of the alphabet. Join the Pocket Snails on their exciting adventure where they'll make some new underwater friends, ride in a submarine and scuba dive their way to learning the sounds of the letters. The snails provide slow but steady developmental images at the pace your child can follow and understand. Colorful images, gentle music and creative repetition help facilitate the learning experience that children will enjoy. This adventure combines humor with music and uncomplicated visuals to teach letter sounds, vowels and letter recognition. Your little one will enjoy the series as they develop language and gain confidence. This is a wonderful product for the whole family to enjoy and is good to use at any time of the year. Running time 25 minutes.

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